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In the beginning, every human had one single identity. Then came passwords.

In a survey, 38% of the respondents mentioned that they would rather clean the toilet or do dishes than to create another username and password. Now you know where to look for users who are abandoning your cart!
Social Login eliminates the need to create a different identity at every site.

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Key Benefits

  • Up to 33% increase in registration rate
  • An average of 46% reduction in cart abandonment due to forgotten passwords
  • Easy access to rich profile data such as birthday, gender, location etc. without requiring users to enter any of it!
  • Personalization

Key Features

  • Supports all major identity providers (Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Twitter etc)
  • Turn-key solution

How does ShopSocially deliver it?

ShopSocially platform contains the following app that provides an out-of-the-box, comprehensive social login option. Here’s a quick overview of this app. Please contact us to talk to an expert and learn about the best option for your business.

Social Login App

Social login app is a must have for any site that has a registration system in place. When 77% of the users say that sites should offer a social login option and 92% of the users say that they simply abandon the shopping cart rather than go through the ‘forgot password’ flow, it simply makes 100% sense to offer Social Login. It’s like Fast Pass lane vs. an exact change toll booth – which option are you?

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Social Login App

Social Login

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