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Greed and vanity are the two most primal human instincts. The idea behind gamification is to exploit these instincts to encourage desired behavior. Thus, a good gamification platform will enable businesses to target both the instincts. The goal of Social Gamification is to elicit specific social actions from customers in order to create tangible business benefits.


Key Benefits

  • Up to 100x uplift in social sharing rates
  • Referral traffic, testimonials, higher engagement and conversion and more

Key Features

  • Multiple gamification options
  • A/B testing
  • Tracking & analytics dashboard
  • Personalization rules for targeting specific customers

How does ShopSocially deliver it?

ShopSocially platform contains several apps that to help you create a referral program best fitting your needs. Here’s a quick overview of these apps. Please contact us to talk to an expert and learn about the best option for your business.

Share-and-Save App

Gamification options to induce social sharing. This app presents various social sharing options that can unlock coupons, contests, giveaways and other forms of avarice inducing goodies.

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Share-and-Save App

Social sharing

Social SEO App

Social SEO

Social SEO App

Gamification options induce social actions that have been proven to boost SEO rank.

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Get-a-Fan App

Dedicated app to convert website visitors into qualified Facebook fans. This app also helps acquire email subscribers and has been proven to increase overall conversion rate.

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Get-a-Fan App

Facebook fans

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