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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We already have a Facebook and Twitter strategy. Why consider ShopSocially?

    Social is not about putting Facebook and Twitter buttons on your website, or maintaining a Facebook fan page or a Twitter channel. These are passive engagements where only 0.2% of your visitors will engage in a social action.

    ShopSocially brings social to where your visitors are already coming, your website. ShopSociallyembeds social experiences in your visitor’s existing workflow, in the right context, at the right time. This can get up to 50% of visitors to engage in a social action, a 500X increase in effectiveness.

    For example, a visitor searches for keywords “evening dress” in Google and lands on your page. If you offer a 20% discount on an evening dress in exchange for posting the dress on Facebook, the visitor is likely to take it.

  • What is a social experience?

    A social experience means an interface where a visitor performs a social action or discovers a social action. Sharing on Facebook, becoming a fan, posting on a friend’s wall sending email, tweeting are examples of a visitor performing a social action. Reading a feed, browsing what others have purchased or liked are examples of discovery of social actions.

  • I already have a storefront on my Facebook fan page. Do I need ShopSocially?

    Yes. Typically, only 5% of your visitors ever see your fan page. Enabling commerce within social networks has simply not worked.

    However, ShopSocially works the other way. It brings social into commerce sites. This works wonderfully well. Seamlessly inserted social experiences with the right incentives can increase word-of-mouth virality and sales conversion.

  • I have no IT staff to do the integration. Can I still use ShopSocially?

    Yes. Integration is a simple cut-and-paste of a small Javascript tag on all pages of your website, something that can be done even by a non-IT person. No coding is required.

    Once the integration is done, you can simply log in to the ShopSocially merchant center and control all your campaigns without any additional coding.

  • Can I use ShopSocially without any integration?

    Yes. The Viral Offer Sharing and Viral Flash Sale social app that can be used without any integration. However, we recommend that you do the integration so that you can implement an end-to-end social strategy.

  • Are you planning to add more apps to your library?

    Yep. We are constantly innovating to add apps that will enrich your visitor’s social experience. Typically, we add at least one new app every 2-3 months.

    You can benefit a rich library of apps that is being constantly enhanced. No coding or integration change will be required to enable new apps.

  • Can I set up different social apps on different pages on my website?

    Yes. Once you have integrated ShopSocially on your website, you can control social apps separately on each page by setting up campaigns and using the targeting engine to make them appear on different pages.

    You can set up multiple instances of social apps. The rule-based targeting engine allows you to set up trigger rules to display the appropriate social app instance based on page URL, page title, referring URL, number of pages visited, Google search keywords and time spent on your website.

    For example, on the home page, for visitors coming from Facebook, you want to offer 20% OFF for becoming a fan. For visitors coming from Google, you want to offer 10% OFF for liking the offer. You can set up this scenario easily in ShopSocially.

  • Are coding changes required to enable a new app on my website?

    No. Once you have integrated the ShopSocially Javascript tag on your website, no coding changes are required. Ever!

    You can change your visitor’s social experiences by simply making changes to the ShopSocially merchant center dashboard.

  • Will the ShopSocially tag slow down my site?

    No. ShopSocially is served from a highly scalable, multi-layered architecture. It is designed to give a very fast response comparable with most other cloud services.

    Moreover, ShopSocially’s tag is asynchronous and non-block (similar to Google Analytics or Facebook tags). The tag will not block the loading of page resources on your website.