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Photomonials App

      • Up to 21% increase in conversion rate
      • Increase engagement by 15%
      • Discovery of new products via user generated photos
      • Photo-testimonials for your products and services
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How it works?

Convert customer “selfies” into sales.

Users are uploading over 2 billion photos every day.  Many of these photos are visual endorsements of your products and services. These Photo testimonials plugin can act as a powerful social proof.  This photomonials app enables you to take advantage of customer generated photos to improve conversion and discovery on your website.

This photomonials app is part of the following solution set: Visual Commerce


  • Aggregation of customer generated photos from various social channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Encourage photo sharing via contests, promotions and vanity
  • Hashtag based photo aggregation
  • Beautiful photo gallery templates
  • Ability to make photos ‘shoppable’ by tagging them to specific productswith photo testimonials plugin
  • Displayed tagged photos on product pages to add visual social proof
  • Photo testimonials software allows uploading of customer photos directly on product pages
  • Manual photo moderation
  • Automatic moderation based on stop words
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Detailed reports and analytics showing engagement, conversions, referrals, ROI etc.
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Integration Requirements

Copy and paste a simple JavaScript tag on your website to enable the ShopSocially platform. Once the platform is enabled, the Photomonials app can be activated on-demand without any modification to the website.

Loyalty Program Integration
Referral Program Deployment

Suggested Deployment

  • Add a “Customer Gallery” link to your home page. Point to a collage view
  • Display customer photos related to a particular product on product pages
  • Add “upload your photo” option on product pages to collect more photos

Applicable verticals

Any business that has a strong visual element can benefit from the Photomonials app. Retailers, brands, media & entertainment, events, personal care, fitness, real estate, restaurants etc. can use this photomonials app.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Henry Tanuwidjaja, Online Commerce Director ,Daniel’s Jewelers

Henry Tanuwidjaja | Online Commerce Director, Daniel’s Jewelers

ShopSocially is helping us rapidly acquire email subscribers on our website and strengthen our email marketing efforts.



Ricardo Blancarte, Digital Marketing Manager ,

Ricardo Blancarte | Digital Marketing Manager,

ShopSocially campaigns are empowering word-of-mouth promotion for our brand through social media, boosting our sales conversion rate.



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