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Customer Q & A App

      • Increase engagement rate on your website by 26%
      • Improve sales conversion rate by 21%
      • Leverage User-generated Content (UGC) to boost your SEO rank
      • Gain insights into the customer’s decision process
      • Get your user community to solve queries posted by other users


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How it works?

Conversations around your products can significantly increase user engagement. Comments widget & app enables your users to have a discussion on your product pages by sharing product experiences with other users. Let the user community ask questions, provide answers, add comments and up/down vote responses. This is very similar to what is doing on its website.

With the Customer Q&A app, you can embed this functionality seamlessly on your product pages in minutes.  This comment widget can increase the engagement of your user community with your brand by up to 26%, resulting in incremental sales and increased conversion. These conversations on product pages also act as ‘social proof’ on product pages and help you establish a sense of trust and authenticity with your customers.

This app is part of the following solution set: Customer Q & A


  • Mobile friendly design
  • Detailed reports and analytics showing engagement, sales etc
  • Manual comments, answers, questions etc moderation
  • Automatic moderation based on stop words
  • Personalization and targeting options
  • Comment plugin sends emails automatically to customers and encourages them to write product reviews and share product stories
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Integration Requirements

Copy and paste a simple JavaScript tag on your website to enable the Customer Q & A app.

Loyalty Program Integration
Referral Program Deployment

Suggested Deployment

  • Display comments, queries, answers etc. on all product pages to increase customer engagement and overall sales with the user comments widget.
  • If yours is a B2B site, then put this comments widget on places where users are most likely to ask questions that they need answered before they make a purchase decision.

Applicable verticals

Any business with online presence such as retailers, brands, travel sites, local service providers, credit cards, airlines, car rentals etc.can use comments plugin app.


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